Buyers Sourcing Meeting

21food will be strictly selected and reviewed, according to the buyers' real, specific procurement needs. And accurately match the food suppliers from China.

In the sourcing meeting organized by 21food,will help buyers and sellers establish long-term cooperation relationship. The main products you will find in this meeting are Ginseng Extract,Licorice,Grape seed extract,Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn,Epimedium extract,Epimedium extract,Aloe,Rhodiola Rosea extract,Ginkgo biloba extract,soybean,Pueraria extract,Wolfberry Extract,Ganoderma extract,Resveratrol,Green Tea Extract,tanshinol,Schisandra extract,Hawthorn Extract,Xanthophyll,Olive leaf extract,Magnolia Bark Extract,etc.

NEX Highlights

  • Nature Ingredient Conference 2017 Held for eleven consecutive "Plant Extract Innovation and Development Forum", almost every session are packed, popular bursting, the organizers of 2017 exhibition in the same period will uphold the leading enterprises to the international market concept, invited the production, education and research Tripartite experts to bring the most cutting edge policy and advisory in planting industry.
  • NEX High Quality Suppliers Gallary In 2016, the first "plant extract quality products show"was introduced and widely acclaimed, 2017 organizers will be more carefully planned the second exhibition show, so that the audiences at home and abroad can enjoy star products of high-quality plant extracts enterprises, to become a great extract enterprises in our country,the industry's reputation "show".
  • 2017 Discovery Tour for Natural Extracts During the 2017 exhibition period, Discovery Tour for Natural Extracts will undergo new upgrade, and then the organizers will through rigorous market research, set up a number of different products visiting route, including the product line that the buyer is most interested in. At the same time will also continue to set up special session which is divided into Chinese and English, to attract more overseas buyers, especially in Europe and the America to participate, thus making the exhibitors and professional audience to realize a win-win situation.

Some of the Suppliers

Buyer Registration

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